Available projects

Master and B.Sc. projects:

Below you will find a list of Bachelor/Master’s projects which are available in Daniel Otzen’s group. You are also warmly welcome to come with your own suggestions, provided they can be accommodated within the general framework of our research activities on protein folding and aggregation. Contact Daniel at dao@inano.au.dk for further information.

  1. Aggregation of α-synuclein in Parkinson’s Disease
  2. Mechanisms of aggregation of wildtype and mutant α-synuclein. How do small molecule compounds, which could be potential anti-PD drugs, affect α-synuclein aggregation?
  3. Corneal dystrophies and TGFBIp.
  4. How do mutations which lead to corneal dystrophies affect the molecular properties of TGFBIp? Can we develop ways to prevent this unwanted aggregation?
  5. From disease to function: functional bacterial amyloid
  6. Which role do they play in bacterial microbiology? How does this tie up with their structural properties?
  7. B�redygtige og milj�venlige biotensider som alternativ til syntetiske tensider
  8. Biosurfactant mediated transport of outer membrane proteins and enzymes
  9. Effect of biosurfactants on the fibrillation mechanism of functional bacterial amyloid