Jannik Nedergaard Pedersen

PhD Student

The tittle of my PhD project is Vitamin D fortification with enhanced bioavailability (DFORT).

I am currently looking at complexes made of  lipids and proteins (liprotides) that are able to stabilize vitamin D. Characterization of the complexes involves use of SAXS, coarse grain molecular dynamics simulations and several different biophysical techniques.

The project is running from 1/1 2015 – 1/7 2017



Publications list

Pedersen JN; Frislev HS; Pedersen JS; Otzen DE, 2016. Using protein-fatty acid complexes to improve vitamin D stability.  J Dairy Sci.

Pedersen JN; Pedersen JS; Otzen DE, 2015. The Use of Liprotides To Stabilize and Transport Hydrophobic Molecules.  Biochemistry 54(31):4815-23

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Lorenzen N; Lemminger L; Pedersen JN; Nielsen SB; Otzen DE, 2014. The N-terminus of α-synuclein is essential for both monomeric and oligomeric interactions with membranes.  FEBS Lett 588(3):497-502

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