Lab Facilities

Protein Production and Purification

We produce and purify a great variety of proteins including membrane proteins, insoluble functional amyloid proteins (FAPs), and small soluble proteins. For this purpose, we have GMO facilities with several incubators (up to 12 L media) and centrifuges for cell harvesting including a Sorvall RC 3C Plus (6 L capacity) and a Sorvall RC RC 5B Plus for use with large capacity rotor up to 17,700g or low capacity rotor at 52,600g. In addition, we also have a Beckman L8-60M ultracentrifuge with a type 60 Ti rotor allowing pelletization of, for example, vesicles, at 361,500g. We routinely run His-tag purifications, Preparative SEC, and ion exchange on one of our three available Âkta systems (Prime, Basic, and Pure).

Protein Characterization

We have a broad range of spectroscopic techniques for protein characterization. These include Circular Dichroism (Jasco J810), ATR-FTIR (Bruker Tensor 27) for protein structure analysis, Fluorimeters (Perkinelmer LS 55 and Cary Varian), and plate readers (VarioSkan Flash and Tecan Genios Pro) for kinetic fluorescence/absorbance measurements. To study protein interactions we have two ITCs (MicroCal VP ITC), A QCM (qsense), and a SEC/FFF MALLS (Wyatt eclipse dualtech, Dawn 8) system.